This is an important election year!

In case you're unfamiliar with the make-up of our town board, it consists of four council members and the town supervisor. Here is a link to our current board members.

Two board members (Ralph Smith and Louie Luongo) and the town supervisor (Jacqueline Annabi) have terms that come up for renewal in November, 2023. We don't know yet who will be running for those seats, or if some candidates will be running unopposed. (We have heard that Smith, the lone Democrat on the board, has decided not to run again.) Luongo and Annabi, as well as the two other board members, are Republicans. We'll be profiling the candidates as we learn who they are.

Also, the person who represents the Town of Putnam Valley in the county legislature is William Gouldman, a Republican, whose term also ends in November. He is finishing his third term in office; term limits kick in after four. Assuming he decides to seek a fourth, final term, he will face Democratic opposition. Eight of the nine seats on that board are currently held by Republicans; the lone Democrat is Nancy Montgomery, who represents the Cold Spring and Garrison area.