About this site

This blog was created to ensure that residents of Putnam Valley, NY have a reliable source of information about important developments in their town. The blog will focus on actions taken by the town board, the ways in which town land is being developed, the local economy and your taxes, health and environmental issues that could impact the community in significant ways, and the people who make this all happen.

As the site relies on volunteers for its content and we want access to be free, the coverage is, by necessity, targeted rather than comprehensive. We aim to be transparent about our sources of information, and will strive for accuracy. If mistakes occur (we're human!), we'll correct them. We do not have the capacity to monitor a comments section, but suggestions for stories and letters to the editor that might be considered for publication are welcome. They should be sent to watchingputnamvalley@gmail.com.

There are other excellent publications that offer occasional coverage of Putnam Valley, including the Highlands Current, The Putnam County News & Recorder and The Examiner News. However, those publications cover a number of other towns and counties. By contrast, Watching Putnam Valley will focus exclusively on our town. The blog is produced by Sarah Bartlett, a longtime journalist who recently became a full time resident of Putnam Valley.

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